Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Truth Is...

The pen is mightier than the media? More like ink wars. The media is corralling itself and needs very little assistance with the spectacular route it has chosen to find its eventual home of large scale irrelevance.

So what is fake news? You must start with a hidden agenda and then portray yourself as genuine, knowledgeable, forthright and trustworthy albeit that the only collateral for such a loan from your audience is your personal charm and presence.  Then you make statements in support of your hidden agenda that are regularly even more devoid of facts or verification criteria than any religious doctrine.
With the blind faith of your indoctrinated audience running freely you can cast your net wider with statements such as...
"The Truth Is...."  "The Fact Is..."
It helps to have some material that lends support to your fake claims so as to hide your otherwise barefaced lies. Carefully edited scenes using well trained and hungry actors usually does the trick.

Now you take the fight to your opponent in truly underhanded style. It usually works for a while, but then it typically backfires when your opponent takes it to task and systematically shoots it all down with genuine and verifiable material. And once your credibility is gone then your opponent just keeps hounding and pounding you with expose after expose until there is no living creature that will ever give you the time of day ever again. You will probably become very busy defending an array of civil claims any one of which will destroy you financially. Then your previous benefactor megalomaniac mega billionaire promoter of The New World Order will refuse to rescue you or in any way associate with you or any of your equally pariah colleagues who will be regarded by all as your partners in crime.
After all he (your previous megalomaniac benefactor such as G {God} Soros for example) is busy trying to install fake democracy everywhere (but especially in an expanded Europe) because the biggest threat to his personal control of all via his New World Order scam is the power of the disenchanted people. In desperation he is now trying to initiate mayhem as a cover for the change to centralized power and control of the planet which will take a war between the super powers to bring about. The petrifying fear of a real life Hiroshima and Nagasaki in your place today is always a good distraction.

Its just natural that only the fit have the chance of survival. The defeating of nature does not have many proven long term examples. None come to mind, other than the systematic indoctrination of children from birth and the immediate murder of any independent thinking deviant. With a massive cult of robots anything is possible.

Any average Joe might feel a tad confused or maybe even intimidated, but you can watch some sport and forget all about it. In which case you will have no time for any of this except when you watch your favourite TV propaganda station. Its always so much easier when you don't have to think for yourself and you just agree with everyone else.
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