Monday, May 08, 2017

Foul Language Grammy Winners

Grammy awards are now promoting blatant smut. The 2016 award for Best Dance/Electronic Album was "Skin" by Aussie group "Flume". This album includes the track entitled "Wall Fuck".
Next thing for promotion can be the live recording of farts accompanied by vomiting with a target audience of drugged up primary school ravers. That should make Song of the Year 2017. Profit has no conscience and nor does the sickness called the American Music and Drug Industry.
The otherwise brainless stoop into the crud has been applauded for well over a generation. Toilet training has been so futile that the epidemic of foul-mouthed bacteria is now resistant to every form of common sense, which was always the arch opponent for society-destroying addictionist recruits.
Drug tests in most metros now have the potential for 100% fail rates across the populace. Consensus has it that the players are all in full control of their collective illusion. How do those well worn lyrics go? - who gives a fuck anymore?

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